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About us

The Haft

  • hiking trails and quiet vistas

  • 105 acres of wooded and hilly terrain 

  • a 10-acre pond for boating & fishing

  • fresh air & pure water

  • simple comfort & beauty away from the noise of modern life

  • ministry for yourself and your whole family 

Core values


Christ-centered Spirituality - We seek to honor Christ in all we do and will, through earnest prayer, diligent study, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, pursue wise decisions and act in a way that gives evidence of a desire to love God with all of our hearts, minds, souls and strength. 

Community Lifestyle Recognizing our utter dependence on Christ, we are committed to building and maintaining relationships marked by clear and open communication, cooperative work, and a spirit of loving generosity.

Responsible Freedom – as we work and live together in serving community, we extend liberty to one another, encouraging the full utilization of individual giftings and callings, in a spirit of mutual submission and accountability that seeks validation and confirmation on matters impacting the community and ministries of The Haft. 


Cultural Engagement We will establish broad-based partnerships with churches, individuals, and organizations, as we seek to impact our culture, through a redemptive lifestyle of service rooted in the Gospel.


Biblical Stewardship With deep appreciation for God’s created order, we will promote and practice the wise and creative use of all of His gracious gifts, including the land, natural resources, time, and wealth.

Operational Excellence – All functions, programs, and services will be conducted with high standards, financial integrity and administrative efficiency, in a way that demonstrates care of physical assets, and concern for the safety, health, and well being of others.

Board Members

Daniel swift

  Daniel and Jane Swift served on staff at the Haft in the 1970's.  Since leaving the Haft in 1980, the Swifts have remained in the area.          Daniel owns a business providing forest and wildlife management services to landowners and Jane is an environmental educator at World's End State Park.  They have three grown children. The Swift’s reconnected with the Haft ministry in 2007.

Scot magann

 Scot Magann serves as Vice President of The Haft. He has been married to Phenny Magann for 17 years. They have two children Olivia and Shamma.  

  Currently, he also serves as the Senior Pastor of Living Hope Fellowship, President of the Sullivan County Ministerium, Secretary of Endless Mountain Mercy Mission International, and Spiritual Advisor for Columbia County Christian School. His passion is developing leaders for the local church and international church planting.

John lapp

  John Lapp - A husband, dad, and business owner, he has been running a horticulture business since 2012 along with his brother.

  John values Family, Faith & Friends. He also likes the yearly winter trips to Florida that he and his wife Liz take, along with their 4 boys. In his free time John likes to watch football and hang out with family.

elmer fisher

  Elmer Fisher is an entrepreneur and has helped start 3 construction businesses in the past 18 years. He also has ministry background and spent 8 years helping pastor a church in Lancaster.
  In 2011 Elmer and his wife Rosa spent a year remodeling the facilities at the Haft. In 2013-2017 they returned to The Haft to take on the role of directors of ministry & operations. They have 6 children and together they share a love for serving and encouraging people. They long to see people be all that God has designed them to be.

Jason Stoltzfus

  Jason and Carolyn along with their 5 boys, lived on site while serving as staff for 4 years. Jason has experience in building and has used that knowledge to start a construction business for himself. His skill as a carpenter is a great asset to The Haft. He enjoys helping others and spending time with family. Jason and Carolyn have a heart to see people live out their God given gifts and talents.

other Board members
Kendall reinford
Dorothy cavalcanti
rosene hurst
jay hurst
cindy metcalf
drew metcalf
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