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How you can donate and help the haft serve others

We at The Haft are very grateful for all those who have come and seen the Haft and have donated to further the Ministries at the Haft! If that is you and you are browsing the website and haven't been to the Haft for awhile but would like to donate again to help further the vision and ministry please scroll below and choose your way of giving and make it happen! 

We thank you again!  


For those that may have never visited and experienced the Haft, please find an event or call/fill out the online inquire form and come and stay in the barn or cottage for some refreshment retooling and rebuilding!  The experience and feel of the Haft will help you see and feel the vision of those offering Haft services!

For those of you who know of someone who has been and been blessed by refreshment, retooling and rebuilding and have browsed the website and want to give continue to scroll down for options on ways you can support The Haft Ministry and help others!

Ways you can donate
Looking to give a donation? There are several options for your gift to reach The Haft. 

BY Regular MAiL

Make checks payable to:
The Haft
and mail to:
The Haft
1 Haft Ln.
New Albany, PA 18833

By giving online

Monthly Sustainers of The Haft Inc.

Thank you for helping us give others a place to Refresh, Retool and Rebuild there lives!

Your Monthly one-year commitment keeps us up and running on a monthly basis! 

Bruce and Joan Boydell
Michael Perri
Heidi Eisenhard
Leon and Ruth King

Enos Yoder

Phyllis Masso

Diana Bombero

Light of Hope Ministries

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